Flowermountain Productions

Welcome to Flowermountain Productions, a music production company formed by guitarist and songwriter Dave Blomberg.

Dave Blomberg played guitar in the band New Model Army for over 12 years and as has worked as a session guitarist playing with artists such as Rev Hammer, Maddy Prior, Phil Johnstone and members of the Levellers. He has recorded and toured all over the world on the same bill as artists such as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Green Day, Queens of the Stone Age and many more. For more information please see the biography page.

Flowermountain Productions was started in 2015 and has a continually expanding catalogue of instrumental tracks. Our music has been picked up by a variety of television channels in Europe and the USA. Placements include a track that was co-written with musician and engineer Pete Day and was used by NBC as part of their coverage for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Another track was recently featured on America's Got Talent.

Please check out some examples on the videos page.

Flowermountain Studio, Devon

Flowermountain Productions is based at Flowermountain Studio in Torbay, Devon in the South West of England.

Flowermountain Studio equipement list -

Protools HD, Digidesign Control 24 desk

Yamaha NS10 speakers, Acoustic Research AR18 speakers

Outboard - Neve 1073 DPA stereo preamp, Smart C1 Compressor, Focusrite Focus preamp/EQ, DBX 1066 Compressor, Joe Meek SC2 Stereo Compressor, Yamaha SPX90, Deltalab ADM1024

Microphones - Neumann U87 Ai, AKG C414, AKG C3000, Shure SM57 and 58, Audio Technica Pro37

Guitars - Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Phew Custom Guitars, Wal Bass Guitar, Takamine Acoustic Guitar, Squier Strat and Telecaster.

Amplification - Marshall JCM800 2x12 combo, Marshall JCM900 100 watt head, Hiwatt vintage 4x12 cabinet.